About Kadet

Kadet was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 2013. This emerging label is inspired by a fusion of historical military-wear and aristocratic finery from across Europe.

With contemporary cuts for a look of timeless urban sophistication, we make Men’s and Women’s wear. From pants and skirts to coats and handmade sweaters, every piece is slightly or strongly influenced by a historical period – from European medieval chivalry to Imperial Russia. Intending to create a new direction in street and smart casual, we built a unique brand with a different point of view on the term elegance.

Behind the creative part of the brand stands duo of Kadet’s founder and art director Aleksandar Protic and lead designer Tijana Milutinovic. Coming from the various fields of art and entertainment (music, sound, book publishing, movie production) Aleksandar likes to describe himself as a “Renaissance Entrepreneur”. Tijana Milutinovic is awarded author and well known among local scene (ELLE Style Award 2014 – Best Young Talent Award supported by H&M) who is associated with the brand from the very beginning.